Germán Carrizo: "I love garlic in my dishes"

Germán Carrizo, born in Argentina and adopted in Valencia. He abandoned his law studies to immerse himself in cooking, his true passion.

Spanish cuisine seduced him up to the point that he decided to settle in our country, in Denia to be more specific, where he completed his training under the supervisión of Quique Dacosta,in El Poblet Restaurant, whose brach in Valencia was the place where he became the head chef. Since then, he keeps developing his career always linked to his passion for gastronomic creations.

Germán offered himself and his expertise to help us enrich our knowledge about food culture, and also to share his vision about food and cooking in our country, and especially in Valencia. In order to do so we prepared the following interview:

¿What would you highlight from the cuisine of the región of Valencia with respect to the rest of Spain?

Citrus fruits, especially oranges, are products full of flavour, with many different nuances, and the best of them can be found in Valencia. I also love artichokes, courgettes and tomatoes when it’s the season for them. Eels and wedge shells have a very special touch in Valencia.

What would you say is your best dish? 

One of my favourite dishes is creamy duck rice and of course prawns from Denia.

And your most typical and characteristic ingredient?

Rice. I think when you hear the word “rice” in Spain everybody thinks about Valencia. We’re going to look at ourselves now. How important is garlic in your creations? It’s one of the basics, very important; I love garlic in my dishes.

Do you use black garlic in your dishes? How would you describe it?

Yes, we’ve prepared several dishes with black garlic; A garlic sauce (alioli) with black  garlic, ajoblanco (white gazpacho prepared with garlic and almonds) with black garlic and sweetbreads in lemon and black garlic brine. Do you think that nowadays there’s a growing interest in getting into cooking or learning to cook? Are these new “foodies” the ones interested in your workshops?

Yes, I think television and all the media in general have had some influence and have contributed to make cooking much more popular. Our workshops are full of “foodies” and food enthusiasts who truly enjoy cooking and the number of interested people increases steadily.

Tell us about  food TANDEM; your alternative project who is it intended for? ¿what’s your most wanted activity?

Tándem Gastronómico (Food Tandem)  was developed by Chefs Carito Lourenço and Germán Carrizo. Their aim was to put their experience and knowledge at the service of other professionals so that small and big companies of the food industry could improve their performance.

Our most wanted activity is the gastronomic consultancy to change and create new menus for restaurants including savoury but also sweet flavours in the desserts field.

Could you send a piece of advice to all the potential chefs?

Love what you do, never give up, becoming a chef can be tough and it takes a big sacrifice from you, you will fail and the most important thing is to never surrender, get up and try again, it’s one of the premises in cookingLast, but not least we would love to learn a gem of your expertise. An easy trick to enhance the result of our food creations, whether in the flavour or the presentation.

Crush 4 cloves of garlic (with the peel) along with some Rosemary, some thyme, 2  cayenne peppers and put the mix in an empty bottle, fill it with extra virgin olive oil and keep  it for 1 week.After that It will be ready for cooking, you will love the flavours you get with it.

We will take good notice of it, Germán, thanks a million for your contribution.